Video: Don’t let the “Local weather Grinches” smash your vacation

Just a few days in the past, the Washington Submit ran a narrative that ranks as considered one of their worst-ever when it comes to local weather change alarmism. Titled “How local weather change is complicating a Thanksgiving staple” it tells the story of woe about disappearing cranberry sauce as a consequence of “local weather change” citing “Heatwave, drought, lack of winter ice are taking a toll on a quintessential Massachusetts crop.” within the sub-headline.

The story goes on to offer a report on the “emotions” of Massachusetts cranberry farmers who consider that local weather change is making their job tougher. What’s dangerous concerning the story is that it’s fully unfaithful, and goal real-world information smacks it down.

Heartland Institute Vice President Jim Lakely talks with Senior Fellow Anthony Watts about one more spherical of annual makes an attempt by the “mainstream media” to make us really feel responsible about having fun with the vacations as a result of we’re supposedly damaging the local weather.

Learn Anthony Watts’ story about this at Heartland’s Local weather Realism web site under.…

November 25, 2020 in Alarmism, Dangerous science journalism.

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