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By the tip of 2020, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had began to really feel a bit…stale. A part of what makes the superhero style so universally fascinating is its capability to go locations that appear too far for different mediums. However by the tip of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU was closing the door on a chapter that, irrespective of how wildly profitable, had adopted a sequence of predictable patterns. Whereas that does not make watching Tony Stark save the world any much less satisfying, it does make it much less nerdy. And irrespective of how mainstream superheroes get, there’s at all times part of the style that deserves its place within the realm of the nerd, the place fan-fueled calculus thrives.

Now, with the explosion of recent MCU sequence rolling out on Disney+ (at the very least 4 by the tip of 2021), the superhero empire is reigniting fan idea fervor. When WandaVision dropped on January 15, the sitcom-turned-horror-show experiment heralded a daring new path for comic-book narratives. Seems, superheroes could make for fairly hilarious sitcoms! However, most significantly, WandaVision—at the very least initially—appears intent on not spoon-feeding followers a narrative they’ve seen earlier than. Which suggests, after all, that the fan idea machine is operating scorching.

WandaVision takes place after Endgame, and it stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as a delightfully well-matched Wanda Maximoff and Imaginative and prescient, basking in newlywed (?) bliss within the quaint 1950s-era suburb of Westview. They don’t precisely understand how they obtained right here, or what they’re doing within the 1950s. However they roll with it: befriending neighbors, internet hosting expertise exhibits, almost spoiling dinner with Imaginative and prescient’s boss, and making an attempt to not wither underneath the important eye of native Karen, Dotty (Emma Caulfied Ford). However more and more, Wanda has a sense one thing isn’t proper. She retains listening to voices on the radio, and on the finish of episode 2, she and Imaginative and prescient watch an ominous beekeeper rise from beneath a manhole cowl.

New episodes drop each Friday, and because the puzzle items come collectively, we’re gathering the very best fan theories from across the web. Right here, we’ll attempt to make sense of what’s taking place to Wanda—and why it issues for the subsequent part of Marvel tales.

wanda and vision in wandavision

Marvel Studios/Disney+

Idea #1: WandaVision is a spin on the comics arc Home of M.

In case you’ve spent any time digging round Marvel fan boards, you’ve most likely already discovered this idea. In 2005, Marvel Comics launched a storyline referred to as Home of M, written by comics legend Brian Michael Bendis, by which an insane Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) has a psychological breakdown and makes an attempt to recreate the universe. You see, she’s misplaced her two youngsters—Billy and Tommy—in addition to her grip on actuality. The opposite Avengers and X-Males (within the comics, Wanda is a mutant) notice they have to contemplate killing Wanda, as a result of her reality-shaping powers pose an infinite menace to humanity if she can not get better her sanity. Yikes.

Listening to the information of her pending execution, Wanda creates a brand new world, an almost-perfect utopia the place her youngsters are alive, her superhero teammates are pleased, and mutants rule the world. However it’s a harmful lie, and when Wanda realizes what she’s finished, she decides the answer is to rid the world of mutants like her. (You may need seen a comic book panel circulating of Wanda whispering, “No extra mutants.”) At that time, nearly all of the mutant inhabitants lose their powers.


Home of M by Brian Michael Bendis

It’s unlikely WandaVision will mirror Home of M precisely, as a result of at this level within the MCU, the X-Males and Avengers’ worlds haven’t but collided. However it’s actually attainable that Wanda has created an alternate universe out of grief. In case you bear in mind the occasions of Avengers: Infinity Warfare and Endgame, you’ll recall that Wanda is pressured to kill Imaginative and prescient whereas extracting an Infinity Stone from his brow. He doesn’t return to life in Endgame, and she or he tells Thanos, “You took all the things from me.”

It’s not far-fetched to suppose Wanda created a brand new universe after Endgame, one by which she lives a picture-perfect sitcom life with Imaginative and prescient. However maybe, like in Home of M, the actual world shouldn’t be so simple as it appears, and somebody is making an attempt to carry her again to her senses.

Idea #2: WandaVision will tie instantly into Physician Unusual in The Multiverse of Insanity.

This idea is much less about if than how. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed WandaVision will tie into the movie, and Olsen will star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in March 2022’s The Multiverse of Insanity. So, what does that imply? Nicely, the idea of Wanda creating her personal alternate actuality inside the multiverse is sort of undoubtedly true. And if she exhibits up within the subsequent Physician Unusual, somebody should pull her out of the sitcom-verse—and it might be the Grasp of the Mystical Arts himself.

Idea #three: Agnes is definitely Agatha Harkness.

agnes in disney's wandavision

Marvel Studios/Disney+

Right here’s one which requires you to know a bit extra comedian lore. You met Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s deliciously wry neighbor, within the WandaVision pilot. Certain, she may simply be a humorous side-character, however it’s probably she has a extra significant position within the sequence.

A number of followers suppose she should be Agatha Harkness; within the comics universe, Harkness is an previous (like, was-alive-before-the-sinking-of-Atlantis previous) witch who escaped the Salem Witch Trials and went on to grasp mystical arts, later instructing them to a younger Wanda Maximoff. In different factors all through the comics, she serves as Wanda’s antagonist, and she or he’s additionally the one who, after Wanda provides start to twins Billy and Tommy, reveals to Wanda that the kids aren’t, in actual fact, hers, however have been born of extra demonic origins. We don’t must unpack all of that, however the level stands that Agatha has an vital position in Wanda’s life—so it is smart she’d seem in Wanda’s TV present.

Idea #four: The beekeeper is a SWORD agent.

You most likely observed a specific image that pops up all through the primary two episodes of WandaVision: it seems on the miniature helicopter Wanda discovers in her rosebush, in addition to on the go well with of the terrifying beekeeper who rises out from the manhole. You may maintain ready for the present to disclose its secret, however most comedian followers will acknowledge that brand instantly: It’s the image for S.W.O.R.D, in any other case often known as the Sentient World Commentary and Response Division. Mainly, it’s S.H.I.E.L.D. however for Outer Area.

S.W.O.R.D was created alongside Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D to cope with extraterrestrial threats, very like those that plagued Tony Stark with nightmares after the occasions of the primary Avengers. We all know from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Fury felt the necessity to up his arsenal after witnessing the numerous threats hurtling towards our little blue dot, and it’s extraordinarily attainable he created S.W.O.R.D someday round or after Natasha Romanoff launched S.H.I.E.L.D’s secrets and techniques into the universe.

So, then, who’s the beekeeper? One Reddit fan talked about it’s probably a S.W.O.R.D. agent. Presumably, it’s one sporting a hazmat go well with. As soon as he entered Wanda’s picturesque actuality, her thoughts modified the hazmat go well with right into a beekeeper’s go well with to raised match the quaint suburban environment.

Another choice? Beekeeper is a part of AIM, a corporation hell-bent on scientific discovery in any respect prices. We have not seen them since Iron Man three, however since their goons put on hazmat fits and are typically known as “beekeeper guys” within the comics, it is attainable.

The opposite choice is that Beekeeper is Swarm, a Marvel villain who fused his consciousness with a bunch of bees. However let’s hope not.

the beekeeper in wandavision

Marvel Studios/Disney+

Idea #5: The sequence’ massive bads are both Mephisto or Nightmare.

Now let’s get deep into the weeds. WandaVision has given us little to no clues as to who its main antagonist shall be this season—aside from, maybe, Agatha Harkness. However followers are skeptical Agatha would be the supreme villain. They anticipate a bigger energy at work.

The prevailing choice appears to be Mephisto. His character has been round for the reason that 1960s, and he’s primarily based on the Mephistopheles of German legend. Mainly, he’s a demon-like creature who’s typically confused for Devil. He’s evil by means of and thru, and he likes making the Avengers’ lives depressing. One key little bit of context: Within the comics, he was a servant of Thanos, very like Ronan and different massive bads, and he can alter time. So it stands to purpose that he’s manipulating Wanda, or that the 2 of them made some kind of pact—consider it as a cope with the satan—since that already occurred inside the comics. Maybe, in return for Imaginative and prescient being introduced again to life, Wanda agreed to enter Mephisto’s area, and turn out to be trapped in his actuality.

Or, we might be looking out for Nightmare, certainly one of Physician Unusual’s core villains. He’s a demon and a ruler of the so-called Dream Dimension, the place people are introduced throughout their hours sleeping. He feeds off the human must dream and might, to some extent, management them by means of their unconscious. One intelligent Reddit person developed a whole idea round Nightmare’s inclusion in WandaVision. We’ll summarize it right here:

  • Agatha Harkness is alive within the “actual” world (aka, Earth-199999), however her baby has just lately died.
  • Nightmare has misplaced a lot of his powers because of the “snap” in Infinity Warfare erasing a lot of humanity’s inhabitants.
  • Agatha guarantees to assist maintain Nightmare alive if he helps her get her son again.
  • Agatha meets a grieving Wanda after Endgame and, with the assistance of Nightmare, sends her right into a dream world the place she will reside with Imaginative and prescient in peace.
  • Even with a lot of humanity restored, Nightmare isn’t robust sufficient to maintain cracks from displaying in his dream world, and that’s why Wanda will get the sense one thing isn’t proper.
  • In the actual world, Wanda is producing “vitality surges” that spell hassle for the universe, so Nick Fury and S.W.O.R.D try and penetrate her thoughts to tug her out of the dream.
  • After they do pull her out, she’s so grief-stricken and enraged that she tears a gap within the cloth of actuality, resulting in the occasions of Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity.

    Idea #6: The oldsters within the WandaVision commercials are Wanda’s mother and father.

    Let’s deal with these fascinating commercials, we could? Every guarantees a distinct Easter egg, and already, followers are dissecting screenshots for data.

    In each “commercials” throughout episodes 1 and a pair of, a pair seem and promote totally different merchandise: The primary is a Stark Industries toaster and the second is a Strücker watch. In case you’re an avid MCU fan, you’ll after all know Stark Industries is Tony Stark’s firm, and Strücker is the final title of Baron von Strücker, the Hydra chief who recruited Wanda and her brother Pietro earlier than Age of Ultron and gave them their powers.

    Why is that this vital? As one fan identified, the adverts appear to be revisiting Wanda’s trauma: A Stark Industries bomb killed her mother and father, and Strücker corrupted Wanda and her brother.

    However who’re the person and lady within the business? One Twitter person advised they might be Wanda and Pietro’s deceased mother and father, alive once more both in her reminiscence or her dream universe.

    the man and woman in the commercials in wandavision

    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    Idea #7: Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s youngsters may pave the best way for Younger Avengers.

    On the finish of episode 2, it’s revealed Wanda is pregnant, seemingly as if by magic, and we all know from beforehand launched trailers that she provides start to twins. These are virtually undoubtedly her twins from the comics, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, who’ve superpowers much like Wanda and Pietro’s—hex skills and super-speed.

    Billy and Tommy are pleasant characters in their very own proper, and so they ultimately turn out to be leaders of the Younger Avengers, one other in style franchise that Marvel may need plans to cinema-tize. However in addition they have difficult origins: They’re truly created from fragments of a demon’s soul, and that realization is a part of what initially drives Wanda insane throughout Home of M.

    So what if some bigger energy needs Wanda to have youngsters—and for these youngsters to have one thing evil lurking inside them? A Reddit fan talked about how ominous it was for the denizens of Westview to repeat “for the kids” previous to the expertise present. Possibly Mephisto or Nightmare have crafted a kind of “incubator” for super-powered mutants. The MCU has finished crazier issues earlier than.

    wanda and vision with wanda displaying her pregnant belly in wandavision

    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    Idea #eight: Wanda will create mutant-kind.

    How about we go even greater and bolder? If we all know something in regards to the MCU, it’s that the creators aren’t afraid of formidable storylines. Plus, extra franchises = extra $. And the X-Males franchise is a money-maker.

    Disney owns the rights to X-Males, which is why you’ll see these movies in your Disney+ queue. So it’s most likely not absurd to imagine the Avengers MCU and the X-Males universe will ultimately collide on the silver display screen, as they do within the comics. WandaVision might be what makes that occur.

    One Reddit fan advised that, after Wanda escapes from her sitcom actuality and realizes Imaginative and prescient and her youngsters aren’t actual, she may need the final word psychological break—one which ends in the creation of mutants like her, spawning a bridge between her universe and the world of X-Males. Possibly it’s a stretch. However let’s simply say I wouldn’t be stunned.

    This story shall be up to date every week after new episodes of WandaVision drop.

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