Polariced Mysteries – Watts Up With That?

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I received right into a dialogue about polar sea ice within the feedback to my submit The place Is The Local weather Emergency?. Within the course of I seen some mysteries.

To begin with, right here’s the Arctic sea ice space report.

Determine 1. Sea ice space anomaly, Arctic

The thriller for me on this report is the last decade from about 1998 to 2008. There’s little or no month-to-month variation within the report over that interval, and the ice space is dropping steadily … adopted by ~ 13 years of very massive month-to-month variations with little total change in ice space. Is that this actual? Is it an artifact? Unknown.

Then we’ve got the Antarctic ice space report …

Determine 2. Antarctic ice space anomaly

Right here, the plain thriller is, simply what the heck occurred round 2015-2017 to trigger the Antarctic ice space to drop so precipitously?

And eventually, placing each poles collectively, we get the next:

Determine three. World, Arctic, and Antarctic sea ice areas.

Determine three reveals plenty of mysteries.

• There isn’t a total improve or lower in complete international sea ice for all the ~ forty-year interval from November 1978 till 2015 or so. That is regardless of growing CO2 and common gradual international warming. Why?

• Up till 2015 or so, when the Arctic had extra ice space, the Antarctic had much less ice space, and vice versa. Why?

• Round 2015, after forty years of world ice stability, each Arctic and Antarctic ice areas dropped, resulting in a really seen drop in international ice space. Why the drop, and why then and never earlier or later?

• After the drop, the worldwide ice space appears to be beginning to get better … once more, why?

• On the North Pole, there may be an ocean lined with sea ice. On the South Pole, there’s a excessive rocky plateau lined with land ice and surrounded by sea ice. But regardless of these completely completely different conditions, the world of sea ice is sort of precisely the identical at each poles … say what?

Apart from saying that equal ice areas on the poles MAY be a results of my speculation that the local weather is a big thermoregulated warmth engine with a bunch of emergent phenomena that are inclined to stabilize the temperatures and equalize the hemispheres, I worry I’ve no solutions to those curious polar questions … all feedback welcome.

I’ll say that I’m overjoyed that the world of local weather accommodates way more mysteries than solutions …

When nothing is for positive, we stay alert, perennially on our toes. It’s extra thrilling to not know which bush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as if we knew every part.
—Carlos Castaneda, in The Teachings of Don Juan

My finest to all adventurers on this most marvelous universe,


You Would possibly Have Heard This Earlier than: I can defend my very own phrases. I can’t defend your interpretation of my phrases, significantly once I don’t know what you’re referring to. So please, whenever you remark, quote the precise phrases you might be discussing. Thanks.

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