An approximation to find out the supply of the WOW! Sign

Alberto Caballero

On this paper it’s analysed which of the 1000’s of stars within the WOW! Sign area may have the best likelihood of being the actual supply of the sign, offering that it got here from a star system much like ours. A complete of 66 G and Okay-type stars are sampled, however solely one in every of them is recognized as a possible Solar-like star contemplating the accessible info within the Gaia Archive.

This candidate supply, which is called 2MASS 19281982-2640123, due to this fact turns into a super goal to conduct observations within the seek for doubtlessly liveable exoplanets. One other 14 potential Solar-like stars (with estimated temperatures between 5,730 and 5,830 Okay) are additionally discovered within the area, however details about their luminosity and radius is unknown.
Key phrases: WOW! Sign, SETI, Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, interstellar radio message.


As of October 2020, the WOW! Sign stays the strongest candidate SETI sign. It has been urged that the sign was produced by hydrogen clouds from Comets 266/P Christensen and P/2008 Y2 (Paris and Davies, 2015). Nonetheless, this speculation has been dismissed by the scientific neighborhood, and the supply of the sign stays unknown.

Regardless of the WOW! Sign by no means repeated, the important thing side was its period. The sign lasted for 72 seconds, however since this was the utmost period of time that the Massive Ear radio telescope was capable of observe, it’s possible that the sign would have lasted longer.

The primary downside, nonetheless, is that the sign by no means repeated. Comply with-up observations of the realm performed by many observatories throughout a number of years by no means detected one other sign (Grey and Ellingsen, 2002). Nonetheless, the truth that the sign by no means repeated, doesn’t essentially discard that it was produced by extraterrestrial intelligence.

In truth, if we analyse the historical past of (the few) radio alerts that humanity have despatched to a number of targets within the hope of contacting a civilization, none of these transmissions had a protracted period or have been repeatedly despatched for a very long time. An extraterrestrial civilization may have opted to behave in an analogous method.

Few makes an attempt have been made to find out the precise location of the WOW! Sign because of the problem concerned. Regardless of it was detected in simply one of many two feed horns of the radio telescope, the information was processed in a approach that doesn’t permit us to find out which of the feed horns truly acquired the sign.

The opposite purpose that makes troublesome to find out the precise supply is the excessive uncertainly in declination: 20 arcminutes. The next picture exhibits an approximation of the 2 sections of the sky that might include the supply of the sign, every of them with 1000’s of stars.

Determine 1: In purple, the 2 areas the place the WOW! Sign may have originated
Supply: Pan-STARRS/DR1

The coordinates of the sign are RA: 19h25m31s ± 10s (for the optimistic horn), 19h28m22s ± 10s (for the adverse horn), and DEC: −26°57′ ± 20′, each in J2000 equinox (Ehman, 1997). On this article an try is made to create an inventory of the potential sources of the sign assuming that, if it was produced by an extraterrestrial civilization, their exoplanet is much like Earth.

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